State Representative Bill Beck

District 51: People, Not Politics!

From Downtown to Old Hickory, the Gulch to Salemtown, Rosebank to Rayon City, Germantown to Inglewood, Lockland Springs and Five Points to Madison, East Nashville to Neely's Bend, District 51 is diverse. The neighborhoods that make up our State House district have different needs and desires but a common thread that runs throughout them is that we want Tennessee to be the best State it can be.  We share common principles that bring us together to ignore the traditional games played in politics and at Capitol Hill.  Caring for each other, fighting for the "little guy," valuing our youth as well as seniors, and transparency is just to name a few of those principles. 

Bill works for each of you--everyday.  He has filed and successfully passed legislation brought to him by constitutions.  He has held 8 Town Hall Meetings to gather input and have honest discussions with constituents.  Working with both sides of the aisle, Bill works hard to get results for District 51! 

Please look around this page, use it as a resource, and if we can help you with something, don't hesitate to ask! 



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