109th Legislation

109th General Assembly Legislation

Legislation Sponsored in the 109th General Assembly:

HB0477Public Buildings - As introduced, requires that edges of steps into certain public buildings constructed, purchased, or leased by the state or its political subdivisions after July 1, 2015, be marked with yellow paint to assist persons with vision impairment.

HB0478State Employees - As enacted, eliminates the 30-day aggregate limit of sick leave that may be used for maternity and paternity leave if both parents are state employees.

HB0479Deeds - As introduced, requires that a deed for the conveyance of real property be prepared and filed by a licensed attorney or the owner of the property; requires the county register to verify a deed is properly prepared before it is registered and to note the verification on the deed.

HB0480Metropolitan Government - As enacted, authorizes a metropolitan government by two-thirds vote to restrict the location of a private club within 1,000 feet of a private school, public school, charter school, public park, residence, or place of worship.

HB0630Courts, General Sessions - As enacted, removes the restriction that prohibits Davidson County from imposing a litigation tax on cases in general sessions court with proceeds to support the general sessions court.

HB0671Chiropractors - As enacted, revises the authority of the board of chiropractic examiners to impose administrative discipline against a licensee based on improper solicitations; adds certain recordkeeping requirements concerning solicitations.

HB0856Education - As introduced, prohibits a school assigned to the achievement school district (ASD) from serving grades other than those served by the school before its assignment to the ASD; if a school is assigned to the ASD, prohibts the ASD from recruiting students zoned for another school.

HB0857Solid Waste Disposal - As enacted, authorizes Davidson County to impose and collect a solid waste collection, processing, and disposal fee; adds solid waste "processing" as an authorized expenditure for the surcharge on each ton of municipal solid waste received at a solid waste disposal facility or incinerator.

HB0858Education, Dept. of - As introduced, allows the commissioner to assign certain schools or grade configurations within certain schools to the ASD unless the parents of 60 percent of the children enrolled at the school object by petition, at which time the commissioner and the LEA may agree to certain alternate interventions for the school.

HB0859Beer - As enacted, allows a person to make beer without a license or permit under certain circumstances; allows homemade beer in certain exhibitions, contests, and competitions.

HB1013Unemployment Compensation - As introduced, prohibits the commissioner of labor and workforce development from promulgating a rule that would allow a substitute teacher to be eligible for unemployment benefits from the school district for which the teacher is working, unless there has been a separation between the teacher and the school district.

HB1014Business and Commerce - As introduced, changes the time period in which appointments to the Tennessee regulatory authority must be approved by the general assembly from 30 days to 45 days.

HB1015Metropolitan Government - As introduced, clarifies that the additional fee on the sales price of services sold within a certain central business improvement district does not apply to sales of accounting, legal, or other professional services.

HB1016Traffic Safety - As enacted, extends the rules of the road requiring drivers to yield the right-of-way at intersections and other locations to the operation of vehicles on drives open to public use and frequented by the public at large.

HB1069Judicial Officers - As introduced, removes the exemption allowing Shelby County general sessions and juvenile judges to select an attorney as a special judge without going through the procedure to appoint a special judge required by statute for other counties.

HB1315Alcoholic Beverages - As introduced, authorizes satellite facility for a manufacturer at Belle Meade Plantation to serve samples and sell bottled alcoholic beverages.

HB2017Driver Licenses - As introduced, requires driver license revocation if licensee has paid no portion of delinquent litigation taxes, court costs, and fines imposed as a result of disposition of a criminal offense; allows reinstatement of the revoked license if the person commences repayment of the delinquent litigation taxes, court costs, and fines; removes authorization for a hardship exception or payment plan.

HB2018Alcoholic Beverages - As enacted, redesignates Historic Rugby from a premier type tourist resort to a historic interpretive center for purposes of consumption of alcohol on premises; removes references to year round in the description of Historic Rugby.

HB2019Beer - As introduced, increases amount of beer a manufacturer may sell annually at retail from 25,000 barrels to 30,000 barrels.

HB2020Education - As introduced, prohibits a school assigned to the ASD from serving grades other than those served by the school before its assignment to the ASD; prohibits the ASD from recruiting students zoned for another school if a school is assigned to the ASD.

HB2021Courts, Administrative Office of the - As introduced, requires the AOC to pay appointed counsel, other than public defenders or post-conviction defenders, within 30 days from the time a judicially approved claim is submitted in accordance with Supreme Court Rules, unless the claim is deemed to be extended or complex, in which case such claim shall be paid within 60 days.

HB2022Mass Transit - As enacted, revises the present law provisions governing overtaking on the right in regard to the operation of mass transit buses on shoulders and rights-of-way.

HB2023Firearms and Ammunition - As introduced, prohibits the sale of firearms to persons who are listed on the federal terrorist watchlist.

HB2292Mining and Quarrying - As introduced, enacts the "Dam Safety Act" to prohibit the issuance of a permit to conduct surface mining on land that is located within one mile of a dam operated by the U.S. army corps of engineers.

HB2293Mining and Quarrying - As introduced, prohibits the issuance of a permit in relation to the operation of a rock quarry on land that is located within 2,000 feet of a property line of a park or community education center, 500 feet of any other property line, or 1,200 feet of a residential structure.

HB2294Safety - As introduced, authorizes the metropolitan Davidson County government to regulate blasting; provided, that the local regulations are no less stringent than the state's blasting regulations.

HB2295Mining and Quarrying - As introduced, adds limestone to the definition of "mineral" for purposes of applying the requirements of the Tennessee Mineral Surface Mining Law of 1972 to limestone; prohibits the issuance of a permit to conduct surface mining on land that is located within 2,000 feet of a property line of a park or community education center, 500 feet of any other property line, 1,200 feet of a residential structure, or one mile of a dam.

HB2296Taxes, Ad Valorem - As introduced, authorizes municipalities, instead of all cities and towns, to employ deputy property assessors to assist and advise the property assessor.

HB2297Appropriations - As introduced, appropriates 1/3 of excess state tax revenues over-collected in fiscal year 2014-2015 to the Tennessee mass transit fund to be used for public mass transportation projects; appropriates 2/3 of such excess revenues to the department of transportation for backlog transportation road projects.

HB2298Courts, Juvenile - As enacted, establishes confidentiality and accessibility of assessment reports compiled by the juvenile court in Davidson County.

HB2299Sexual Offenses - As introduced, creates a Class E felony offense for the knowing disclosure of nonconsensual pornography.

HB2300Traffic Safety - As enacted, enacts the "Elena Zamora Memorial Act," which changes the criminal penalties for failure to yield when that violation results in an accident resulting in serious bodily injury to or death of any person.

Legislation Co-sponsored in the 109th General Assembly:

HB0020Local Government, General - As enacted, expands presumptive disability in acquiring certain infectious diseases in the line of duty by emergency rescue workers to include the hepatitis C virus.

HB0147Animal Cruelty and Abuse - As enacted, enacts the "Tennessee Animal Abuser Registration Act."

HB0228Naming and Designating - As introduced, designates the welcome center at Johnsonville state historic park in honor of former state representative John C. Tidwell.

HB0248Real Estate Agents and Brokers - As enacted, requires the real estate commission to approve any continuing education course that is at least one hour long if it meets all requirements that are not related to course length; supersedes current rule that requires courses be at least two hours long.

HB0317Short Term Loans and Lenders - As introduced, prohibits any short-term lender from assessing an interest rate for any short-term lending transaction that exceeds 28 percent per annum; and authorizes the commissioner of financial institutions to determine appropriate civil penalties.

HB0425Veterans - As enacted, enacts the "Kenneth Harry-Hill Tennessee Veterans Health Care Act of 2015," which may also be known as the "Mission Tennessee for Veterans Program".

HB0460Holidays and Days of Special Observance - As enacted, designates May 11 of each year as "Police Memorial Day," a day of special observance.

HB0552Employees, Employers - As introduced, requires employers to provide employees four hours of leave, paid or unpaid, each year for parental involvement in schools, subject to certain conditions; establishes a private cause of action for employer violations.

HB0553Election Laws - As introduced, permits any registered Tennessee voter to vote absentee for any reason after providing evidence of identification in the application for a ballot; exempts certain absentee voters from the evidence of identification requirement under certain circumstances.

HB0554Child Custody and Support - As enacted, eliminates the rights of custody, visitation, and inheritance for persons convicted of aggravated rape, rape, or rape of a child from which crime the child was conceived; permits the child's other parent to request reasonable visitation with the convicted parent; requires a court to establish a child support obligation for the convicted parent.

HB0579Salaries and Benefits - As introduced, establishes a minimum wage that increases annually on July 1; provides a minimum wage for employees in the service industry who receive tips and employees that are compensated solely by gratuities; authorizes the department to promulgate rules and regulations in compliance with federal law.

HB0642Alcoholic Beverages - As enacted, expands premises for consumption of alcoholic beverages to include area between a convention center, convention center hotel, museum, and one block of public roadway in Nashville upon majority vote of the local legislative body.

HB0693Public Health - As enacted, requires the bureau of TennCare, the department of health, and the department of finance and administration to jointly develop certain plans and reports concerning diabetes to be made to the health and welfare committee of the senate and the health committee of the house every two years.

HB0718Holidays and Days of Special Observance - As enacted, declares the week that includes the third Thursday in November as "Agricultural Literacy Week."

HB0734Teachers, Principals and School Personnel - As introduced, requires the ASD, or the entity under contract to operate schools within the ASD, to hire teachers assigned to the school, if the teachers are rated in the two highest categories of teacher evaluations; requires the ASD, or entity under contract to operate the school, to hire no more than 30 percent of the school's teachers from this group.

HB0735Education - As enacted, requires the commissioner of education, by October 1 of the year prior to the public identification of priority schools, to notify any school and its respective LEA if the school is among the bottom 10 percent of schools in overall achievement as determined by the performance standards and other criteria set by the state board.

HB0769General Assembly - As introduced, enacts the "Housekeeping Expenditure and Lawmaker Transparency on Healthcare (H.E.A.L.T.H.) Act," which requires the office of legislative administration to publish an annual report indicating which members of the general assembly are enrolled in the state group health plan.

HB0852Election Laws - As introduced, removes requirement that a person must pay outstanding child support obligations that accumulated during any period of incarceration to have right of suffrage restored.

HB0854Veterans - As enacted, enacts the "Criminal Justice Veterans Compensation Act of 2015" or the "CJVC Act."

HB0867Physicians and Surgeons - As enacted, prohibits a managed health insurance issuer that has contracted with a physician's practice to be a part of that health insurance plan's network of providers from directly contacting, or employing an agent to directly contact, a patient of a physician's practice in an effort to change a referral for services to another provider, unless certain requirements are met.

HB0903Employees, Employers - As introduced, enacts the "Tennessee Pay Equality Act."

HB0936Alcoholic Beverages - As enacted, specifies that either the owner, lessee, or contracted restaurant operator of WillowBrook golf course may hold rights to providing alcoholic beverages at such facility; authorizes certain entities to sell alcoholic beverages for on-premise consumption.

HB0987Cosmetology - As enacted, specifies that the state board of cosmetology and barber examiners may suspend, revoke, or refuse to issue or renew any license due to the person having a felony conviction if the felony conviction occurred within three years prior to the board’s decision or due to the person having a misdemeanor conviction involving moral turpitude if the misdemeanor conviction occurred within one year prior to the board’s decision.

HB1026Taxes, Exemption and Credits - As enacted, enacts the "Community Resurgence Job Tax Credit Act of 2015."

HB1105Highways, Roads and Bridges - As enacted, enacts the "County Road Relief Act of 2015."

HB1240Drugs, Synthetic or Analogue - As introduced, requires the district attorneys general conference to report to the senate judiciary committee and the house criminal justice committee concerning the issue of synthetic drugs on or before January 31, 2016.

HB1257Salaries and Benefits - As introduced, requires the commissioner of labor and workforce development to set the state’s minimum hourly wage rate at not less than $10.10 per hour, adjusted annually to reflect inflation in accordance with the consumer price index; establishes a cause of action for employees if employers violate the state’s minimum hourly wage rate; sets the wage rate paid to blind persons employed by the state to the greater of the state minimum hourly wage rate or the federal minimum wage.

HB1294Banks and Financial Institutions - As introduced, authorizes the commissioner of financial institutions to transmit the commissioner's annual report to the governor and the general assembly in an electronic format.

HB1351County Government - As enacted, authorizes county legislative bodies to appropriate funds for affordable or workforce housing.

HB1410Taxes, Real Property - As introduced, deletes the Save the Tax Relief Act.

HB1438Military - As enacted, enacts the "National Guard Force Protection Act of 2016".

HB1464Highways, Roads and Bridges - As introduced, contingent upon monthly surplus state tax revenues exceeding $5 million, allocates 25 percent of the surplus revenues to the priority transportation project fund to be used exclusively for essential transportation projects; requires commissioner of transportation to recommend the top 100 projects to be funded; authorizes general assembly to appropriate from fund to implement all or part of the projects recommended.

HB1468Traffic Safety - As introduced, deletes requirement that the child safety seat for a child age one through three weighing more than 20 pounds be secured in a forward-facing position.

HB1487Traffic Safety - As enacted, creates offense of operating a motor vehicle in a bicycle lane; establishes exceptions to offense and penalties for violations.

HB1489Naming and Designating - As enacted, names the new high school to be constructed for the Tennessee School for the Deaf in honor of Alan J. Mealka.

HB1515Taxes, Ad Valorem - As introduced, reestablishes the first portion of home value for which real property tax relief will be reimbursed to disabled veteran home owners from $100,000 to $175,000.

HB1566Criminal Offenses - As introduced, creates the Class C misdemeanor of driving a motor vehicle and talking on a hand-held mobile telephone; creates the juvenile act of persons under 18 driving a motor vehicle and using a hands-free device to talk on a mobile telephone or transmit or read written messages; provides affirmative defense for emergencies, and exception for persons 18 and older using hands-free device.

HB1635Driver Licenses - As introduced, requires the department of safety to develop a driver interaction with law enforcement informational video; beginning September 1, 2016, requires that the informational video be viewed by all first-time applicants for a driver license or intermediate driver license.

HB1779Criminal Offenses - As enacted, makes various changes to the offense of stalking, including redefining "course of conduct".

HB1843DUI Offenses - As enacted, establishes requirements for the removal of an ignition interlock device and revises other related provisions.

HB2142Appropriations - As introduced, appropriates $100,000,000 from excess state tax revenues over collected in fiscal year 2014-2015 to the various counties to be used for county transportation projects; allocates funds in the same manner as county aid funding.

HB2149Veterans - As enacted, expands eligibility for a Fallen Heroes Medal to service members killed in attacks specifically targeting service members and under other circumstances.

HB2239Insurance, Health, Accident - As introduced, prohibits an insurance policy that provides benefits for anti-cancer medications that are injected or intravenously administered by a healthcare provider and anti-cancer medications that are patient administered from requiring a higher copayment, deductible, or coinsurance amount.

HB2303Consumer Protection - As introduced, enacts the "Commercial Dog Breeders Registration Act"; makes selling of dogs by unlicensed breeders, misrepresenting the condition of a dog for sale, or altering or falsifying a dog's health certificate a consumer protection violation.

HB2420Fire Prevention and Investigation - As introduced, prohibits certain flame retardants in children's products and residential upholstered furniture.

HB2570Economic and Community Development - As enacted, enacts the "Rural Economic Opportunity Act of 2016"; authorizes a job tax credit for qualified business enterprises located in tier 4 enhancement counties; specifies the minimum jobs criteria and requirements to qualify for the credit; establishes the propelling rural economic progress (P.R.E.P.) fund; establishes guidelines for making grants from the P.R.E.P. fund.

HB2593Statutes of Limitations and Repose - As enacted, extends the statute of limitations for civil actions based on injury or illness resulting from child sexual abuse that occurred when the person was a minor but was not discovered until after the person became an adult to three years from the discovery of the abuse.

Resolutions Sponsored in the 109th General Assembly:

HJR0315Memorials, Sports - Honors the return of professional baseball to historic Sulphur Dell.

HJR0316Memorials, Recognition - Dalewood United Methodist Church, 65th anniversary

HJR0678Memorials, Sports - Keenan Reynolds, Tennessean Sports Person of the Year

HJR0759Memorials, Sports - East Nashville Magnet School Lady Eagles, TSSAA Class AA state champions

Resolutions Co-sponsored in the 109th General Assembly:

HJR0003Memorials, Professional Achievement - John Germ, president of Rotary International

HJR0004Memorials, Personal Achievement - Michael Monroe, Eagle Scout

HJR0005Memorials, Recognition - Tennessee Department of Transportation, 100th anniversary

HJR0006Memorials, Public Service - Ed Haley

HJR0007Memorials, Recognition - Dr. Baeteena Black

HJR0012Memorials, Recognition - Childhood apraxia of speech awareness

HJR0014Naming and Designating - The State of Tennessee, a Purple Heart State

HJR0024Memorials, Public Service - Senator Bill Ketron, Chair, Fiscal Review Committee

HJR0043Memorials, Recognition - Wade Norris, Tennessee Forestry Association 2014 Master Logger of the Year

HJR0046Memorials, Death - Harlan Mathews

HJR0047General Assembly, Statement of Intent or Position - Expresses support for efforts to ensure women have access to full range of contraception.

HJR0051Naming and Designating - "Child Abuse Prevention Month" April 2015

HJR0056Memorials, Personal Achievement - Deborah R. Williams, Ms. Tennessee Senior America 2014

HJR0057General Assembly, Statement of Intent or Position - Affirms commitment to equal right to technology and information access for Tennesseans with disabilities.

HJR0076Memorials, Government Officials - Requests the state capitol commission to initiate the creation of a monument to honor veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the placement of the monument on War Memorial Plaza.

HJR0090Health Care - Authorizes the governor to do all that is necessary and appropriate to expand enrollment in Tennessee's Medicaid program.

HJR0106Memorials, Heroism - Andrew Michael Keith, Public Safety Medal of Valor

HJR0115Memorials, Recognition - Speaker of the House Beth Harwell, Tennessee Federation of Republican Women

HJR0116Memorials, Recognition - First Lady Crissy Haslam

HJR0119Memorials, Death - Garner "Mack" Goode Jr.

HJR0127Memorials, Recognition - Congressman Diane Black, Tennessee Federation of Republican Women

HJR0128Memorials, Recognition - Congressman Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee Federation of Republican Women

HJR0129Memorials, Recognition - Helen H. "Tootie" Haskins, Tennessee Federation of Republican Women

HJR0133Memorials, Death - Henry Abbott Callaway Jr., M.D.

HJR0138Memorials, Public Service - Robert T. Lee

HJR0174Memorials, Recognition - Donna Morgan

HJR0183Memorials, Recognition - Honors and commends the members of the Gold Star Mothers and Gold Star Families.

HJR0187Memorials, Professional Achievement - George Fraley

HJR0196Memorials, Recognition - Autism Awareness Day in Tennessee

HJR0204Memorials, Recognition - September 2015, "American Indian Heritage Month" in Tennessee

HJR0205Memorials, Professional Achievement - Malcolm "Jimmy" Keep, World War II veteran

HJR0216Memorials, Retirement - Dr. Richard Rhoda, Executive Director, Tennessee Higher Education Commission

HJR0229Memorials, Sports - Belmont University men's basketball team

HJR0233Memorials, Recognition - Vanecia Belser Kimbrow, I AM A VOTER Strategic Collaborative

HJR0237Memorials, Recognition - Honor the liberators and Holocaust survivors of Tennessee

HJR0261Memorials, Recognition - Dot Ponder

HJR0284Memorials, Recognition - Honoring those who fought and died in World War II and commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe.

HJR0341Memorials, Sports - South Nashville All-Stars Little League, U.S. Little League World Series participants

HJR0351Memorials, Recognition - Dr. Lee Ward, elevated to Auxiliary Bishop within the Church of God in Christ

HJR0352Memorials, Recognition - Brown, Davidson, Driver, Smith Family Reunion

HJR0364Memorials, Recognition - Commemorates Primary Immunodeficiency Awareness Month

HJR0366Memorials, Recognition - U.S. Army 199th Infantry Brigade (Separate) (Light) June 1, 1966–1970 and the Redcatcher Association

HJR0384Memorials, Academic Achievement - Nola G. Madison, Salutatorian, Northside High School

HJR0385Memorials, Academic Achievement - Amber J. Mitchell, Valedictorian, Northside High School

HJR0404Memorials, Recognition - Joshua Jamahl Murray

HJR0426Memorials, Retirement - Dr. Jesse Register

HJR0446Memorials, Academic Achievement - Harris Taylor, Valedictorian, McGavock High School

HJR0458Memorials, Death - Fred Dalton Thompson

HJR0465Memorials, Death - Dr. W.J. Julian, UT director of bands

HJR0466Memorials, Death - Former Representative Joe Burchfield

HJR0471Memorials, Death - Staff Sergeant David Allen Wyatt, United States Marine Corps

HJR0472Memorials, Death - Gunnery Sergeant Thomas J. Sullivan, United States Marine Corps

HJR0473Memorials, Death - Lance Corporal Squire K. (Skip) Wells, United States Marine Corps

HJR0474Memorials, Death - Sergeant Carson Holmquist, United States Marine Corps

HJR0475Memorials, Death - Petty Officer 2nd Class Randall Scott Smith, United States Navy

HJR0506Memorials, Professional Achievement - Renata Soto, Chair of the National Council of La Raza

HJR0525Constitutional Amendments - Proposes an amendment to Article II, Section 28, of the Constitution of Tennessee to prohibit the legislature from imposing a state property tax on real property.

HJR0546Memorials, Sports - Trezevant High School, 2A state football champs

HJR0548Memorials, Recognition - Hannah Robison, Miss Tennessee 2015

HJR0557Memorials, Sports - 1966 Pearl High School varsity basketball team

HJR0558Memorials, Recognition - Honors the City of Memphis's efforts to bring the 2016 4th Annual Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony to Memphis.

HJR0563Memorials, Recognition - Fisk University, 150th anniversary

HJR0567Memorials, Death - Reverend J. Fred Cloud

HJR0574Memorials, Death - Maurice White

HJR0576Memorials, Death - Mike Pigott

HJR0597Memorials, Recognition - Three Dog Night

HJR0609Memorials, Recognition - Girl Scouts Gold Award Month, May 2016

HJR0659Memorials, Heroism - James M. "Buddy" Taylor, World War II veteran

HJR0660Memorials, Recognition - National Coalition of 100 Black Women

HJR0671Memorials, Personal Occasion - Sister Sandra Smithson, 90th birthday

HJR0673Memorials, Recognition - Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day, March 29, 2016

HJR0688Memorials, Recognition - Multiple chemical sensitivity

HJR0701Memorials, Recognition - Ed Johnson

HJR0717Memorials, Recognition - Collin Raye

HJR0718Memorials, Death - Zaevion Dobson

HJR0740Memorials, Recognition - Bishop Kevin L. Adams, Sr.

HJR0744Memorials, Interns - Traci Howard

HJR0829Memorials, Recognition - Senator Doug Overbey

HJR0851Memorials, Recognition - Pat Kerr Tigrett

HJR0892Memorials, Recognition - State of Tennessee, 220th anniversary

HJR0904Memorials, Academic Achievement - Trevell Shipp, Class President, Sheffield High School

HJR0905Memorials, Academic Achievement - Lietza Ortega, Valedictorian, Sheffield High School

HJR0906Memorials, Academic Achievement - Bintou Diallo, Salutatorian, Sheffield High School

HJR0907Memorials, Academic Achievement - Caleb Fair, Salutatorian, Hamilton High School

HJR0908Memorials, Academic Achievement - Shamya London, Valedictorian, Hamilton High School

HJR0972Memorials, Recognition - Tennessee State Museum and the Tennessee Fox Trot Carousel

HJR0975Memorials, Death - Dale Gean

HJR0983Memorials, Public Service - Representative Mike Harrison

HJR0984Memorials, Public Service - Representative Jamie H. Jenkins

HJR0989Memorials, Recognition - Type 1 Diabetes (Juvenile Diabetes) Awareness Month, November 2016

HJR1019Memorials, Personal Occasion - Bessie Lorene Baker Brewer, 102nd birthday

HJR1020Memorials, Academic Achievement - Anna Beth Haggard, graduation from University of North Alabama

HJR1021Memorials, Death - Carol Hardin

HJR1045Memorials, Death - Obie L. Duncan

HJR1072Memorials, Interns - Leslye Simone Williams

HR0001Memorials, Retirement - Chaplain (Colonel) Phillip M. Armstrong

HR0002Memorials, Recognition - Fort Campbell

HR0006Memorials, Recognition - American Heart Association Go Red for Women

HR0037Memorials, Sports - University of Tennessee at Martin Men's Rodeo Team, NIRA National Champions

HR0039Memorials, Recognition - Zeta Phi Beta Sorority

HR0049Memorials, Congratulations - Nelson Lundberg, high school graduation

HR0067Memorials, Interns - Thomas Waldrop

HR0076Memorials, Academic Achievement - Asha A. Cathey, Salutatorian, Melrose High School

HR0077Memorials, Academic Achievement - Linnie Jiang, Valedictorian, White Station High School

HR0078Memorials, Academic Achievement - Eric Sah, Salutatorian, White Station High School

HR0079Memorials, Academic Achievement - Kelly Yuan, Salutatorian, White Station High School

HR0080Memorials, Academic Achievement - Taylor Nicole Haywood, Salutatorian, Memphis Academy of Health Sciences

HR0081Memorials, Academic Achievement - Chelsey Danielle Jones, Valedictorian, Memphis Academy of Health Sciences

HR0082Memorials, Academic Achievement - Chulisia K. Pierce, Valedictorian, Memphis Health Careers Academy

HR0083Memorials, Academic Achievement - Cartavius L. Turner, Salutatorian, Memphis Health Careers Academy

HR0084Memorials, Academic Achievement - Dellarontay A. Readus, Valedictorian, Melrose High School

HR0108Memorials, Academic Achievement - Brianna Parrish, Salutatorian, Trezevant High School

HR0109Memorials, Academic Achievement - Tito Hunter, Valedictorian, Trezevant High School

HR0111Memorials, Interns - D'John W. Moore

HR0112Memorials, Academic Achievement - Jason Zeng, Salutatorian, Bartlett High School

HR0116Memorials, Interns - Thadijah Jeanne Burks

HR0117Memorials, Interns - Antonio Briggs

HR0126Memorials, Retirement - Larry K. Scroggs

HR0141Memorials, Personal Occasion - Roy W. Ellison, 100th birthday

HR0151Memorials, Recognition - Buck Dozier

HR0152Memorials, Recognition - Director General Huei-Yuan Tai

HR0161Memorials, Public Service - Pastor Matt Anzivino

HR0164Memorials, Retirement - Judge Walter F. Williams

HR0173Memorials, Death - Cynthia Morin

HR0174Memorials, Death - Mary Jenkins Hardin

HR0184Memorials, Interns - Timothy Blake Allred

HR0231Memorials, Recognition - Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day, March 29, 2016

HR0243Memorials, Retirement - David Horvat

HR0245Memorials, Interns - Matthew Bodkins

HR0249Memorials, Recognition - Andrea Zelinski

HR0252General Assembly, Statement of Intent or Position - Requests that the secretary of the navy name the next commissioned naval ship the "USS Chattanooga" in honor of the victims of the July 16, 2015, terrorist attacks.

HR0274Memorials, Recognition - General Mills

HR0284Memorials, Public Service - 2016 Sterling Award recipients

HR0295Memorials, Recognition - Harbert Hills Nursing Home, 2015 Bronze-Commitment to Quality Award

HR0299Memorials, Recognition - Type 1 Diabetes (Juvenile Diabetes) Awareness Month, November 2016

HR0307Memorials, Recognition - Orange Mound, 125th anniversary