Many people do not realize that there is a limit of legislation we are allowed to file per year.  While this limits the number of issues the Legislature can address per year, it does push Legislators to be selective on the issues they take on and encourages us to work together when there is more than one piece of legislation on an issue.  You can see the legislation I have filed in the 110th General Assembly (2017 and to be 2018) below and the 109th General Assembly (2015-2016) here.

A lot of my legislation comes from constituent ideas.  Do you have an idea for legislation? Is there a law that needs to be changed? Don't hold back! Let me know and we will see if we can find a solution!  Email me today!

Legislation Sponsored in the 110th General Assembly:

HB0351 Beer - As introduced, requires the beer board of Davidson County to issue a beer permit to any holder of a license to sell alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption upon submission of an application and payment of the applicable permit fee.

HB0352 Highways, Roads and Bridges - As introduced, directs one-third of revenue from any increase in gasoline tax to be deposited in the highway fund and used solely for public transportation.

HB0353 Education - As introduced, prohibits a school assigned to the ASD from serving grades other than those served by the school before its assignment to the ASD; prohibits the ASD from recruiting students zoned for another school if a school is assigned to the ASD.

HB0354 Education, Dept. of - As introduced, allows the commissioner to assign certain schools or grade configurations within certain schools to the ASD unless the parents of 60 percent of the children enrolled at the school object by signing a petition, at which time the LEA may agree to certain alternate interventions for the school.

HB0355 Metropolitan Government - As introduced, clarifies that the sales prices for accounting, legal, or other professional services provided within a central business improvement district located within a tourism development zone are not subject to an additional fee.

HB0592 Alcoholic Beverages - As introduced, authorizes certain holders of a non-manufacturer non-resident seller's permit to own one or more restaurants in Davidson County that may serve liquor by the drink and to offer tastings and sell at retail any product manufactured under the permit in a tasting room.

HB0593 Welfare - As enacted, expands the licensure requirement for adult day care providers to include those who provide service to five or more, instead of 10 or more, adult recipients.

HB0594 Alcoholic Beverages - As enacted, designates Fresh Hospitality located in Nashville as an urban park center for purposes of consumption on the premises.

HB0595 Motor Vehicles - As introduced, authorizes a lessee of private property who holds a disabled parking placard or plate to provide authorization to a towing firm to tow a vehicle that is parked in a disabled parking space without displaying a placard or plate, under certain circumstances.

HB1230 Deeds - As introduced, requires that a deed for the conveyance of real property be prepared and filed by a licensed attorney or the owner of the property; requires the county register to verify a deed is properly prepared before it is registered and to note the verification on the deed.

HB1231 Hotels and Restaurants - As introduced, clarifies that certain requirements that apply to hotels and places of public accommodation do not apply to short-term rentals.

HB1232 Election Laws - As introduced, prohibits homeowners' associations from prohibiting the display of political or campaign posters or signs placed on private property that are not larger than 18 inches in height by 24 inches in width during the period beginning 60 days before any election until the day after the election.

HB1233 Divorce, Annulment and Alimony - As introduced, allows a court to allow service by publication when a person who has filed for divorce has been unable to locate his or her spouse for five or more years.

HB1886Process, Service of - As enacted, adds to law concerning service of process by mail for actions in general sessions courts.

HB2199Courts, General Sessions - As enacted, authorizes general sessions courts, by local rule, to allow papers to be filed, signed, or verified by electronic means that comply with technological standards promulgated by the supreme court; specifies that pleadings and other papers filed electronically under such local rules will be considered the same as written papers.

HB2300Election Laws - As introduced, requires any county using direct recording electronic voting systems to have the capability to create a voter-verifiable paper audit trail for each ballot cast.

HB2301Tort Liability and Reform - As introduced, declares settlement agreement provisions that have purpose or effect of concealing details relating to claim of sexual harassment or sexual assault as void and unenforceable and contrary to public policy of this state if settlement agreement is entered into by governmental entity; maintains confidentiality of victim's identity.

HB2302Firearms and Ammunition - As introduced, creates Class A misdemeanor of person purchasing a used or second-hand firearm if that person is disqualified from purchasing a firearm from a licensed dealer; makes second or subsequent violation a Class E felony.

HB2303Education, Dept. of - As introduced, creates the "Homeless Student Stability and Opportunity Gap Act."

HB2304Workers Compensation - As enacted, revises provisions governing attorneys' fees and costs in certain workers' compensation claims cases.

HB2305Taxes, Sales - As introduced, exempts sales of caskets from sales and use tax.

HB2306Election Laws - As introduced, provides for the registration of eligible voters upon the submission by the department of safety to the appropriate county election commission of an eligible voter's application for a driver license or photo identification card; establishes methods by which a person may decline to be registered to vote in such a manner.

HB2307Short Term Loans and Lenders - As introduced, prohibits a person who is licensed to provide deferred presentment services from providing such services to individuals who do not physically appear in-person at the licensee's business address as specified in the licensee's application for licensure.

HB2308Alcoholic Beverages - As enacted, designates the National Museum of African American Music as an urban park center for the purposes of on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages.

HB2523Tort Liability and Reform - As introduced, declares settlement agreement provisions that have purpose or effect of concealing details relating to claim of child sexual abuse, except for identifying information concerning victim, as void and unenforceable and contrary to public policy of state.

HB2524Business and Commerce - As enacted, specifies certain powers of a series of an LLC.

HB2525Schools, Charter - As introduced, deletes the requirement for LEAs to provide, at no cost, a list of student names, ages, addresses, dates of attendance, and grade levels completed to a chartering authority or public charter school within 30 days of receiving a request for such information.

HB2526Child Custody and Support - As enacted, allows a prevailing party to recover reasonable attorney's fees in a criminal or civil contempt action to enforce a decree of alimony, child support, or custody.

Legislation Co-sponsored in the 110th General Assembly:

HB0020 Taxes, Exemption and Credits - As introduced, changes the home value for which real property tax relief will be granted from $100,000 to $175,000 for veterans with disabilities and from $23,500 to $25,000 for low-income homeowners who are elderly or have disabilities.

HB0023 Taxes, Real Property - As introduced, reestablishes the first portion of home value for which real property tax relief will be reimbursed to disabled veteran home owners from $100,000 to $175,000.

HB0155 Alcoholic Beverages - As enacted, authorizes the Belle Meade Winery in Davidson County to sell alcoholic beverages on the premises of the winery if the label of the alcoholic beverage product sold contains the name of the winery or is so intrinsically related to the property upon which the winery is located as to be identified as a product of or created for the winery.

HB0165 Veterans - As enacted, authorizes private employers to give hiring preference to honorably discharged veterans, spouses of veterans with service-connected disabilities, unremarried widows or widowers of veterans who died of service-connected disabilities, and unremarried widows or widowers of members of the military who died in the line of duty.

HB0176 Taxes, Real Property - As introduced, increases the property value threshold for determining the extent of any property tax relief payments to disabled veterans and their surviving spouses from $100,000 to $175,000 of the full market value of the property for any veteran receiving property tax relief in 2014 or prior years and reapplying to receive a reimbursement for tax year 2017 and subsequent years without interruption.

HB0416 Law Enforcement - As introduced, increases the salary supplement for firefighters and local police officers who complete an annual course of training from $600 to $1,000.

HB0418 Criminal Procedure - As enacted, reduces from $350 to $180 the expunction fee for criminal convictions; revises allocation of fee proceeds.

HB0433 Education, Higher - As enacted, requires state institutions of higher education to develop and implement uniform procedures for awarding academic credit through course equivalencies for military education, training, experience, and occupational specialties; provides methods for implementation.

HB0531 Lottery, Scholarships and Programs - As enacted, enacts the Tennessee reconnect grant.

HB0580 Firefighters - As introduced, creates a rebuttable presumption that a firefighter's cancer that causes a disabling health condition is a result of the firefighter's duties as a firefighter.

HB0709 Public Employees - As introduced, enacts the "Tennessee Public Safety Behavioral Health Act."

HB0727 Education, Curriculum - As introduced, requires students to complete one year of instruction in American government and one year of instruction in Tennessee history between grades 7 and 12 to receive a high school diploma, with various exceptions.

HB0770 Public Health - As enacted, authorizes, if approved by the department of health, any nongovernmental organization, including an organization that promotes scientifically proven ways of mitigating health risks associated with drug use and other high-risk behaviors, to establish and operate a needle and hypodermic syringe exchange program.

HB0784 Election Laws - As introduced, changes appointing authority, from the governor to the general assembly, for the office of United States Senator until a successor can be elected in the next regular November election.

HB0790 State Employees - As introduced, restores longevity pay for employees of the executive branch in the service of the state hired after June 30, 2015.

HB0827 Auditing - As introduced, requires the comptroller of the treasury to conduct a performance audit of private service providers contracting with the department of children's services.

HB1029 Fire Prevention and Investigation - As introduced, prohibits certain flame retardants in children's products and residential upholstered furniture.

HB1139 General Assembly - As introduced, reduces from 12 to six months the time during which a former member's email will be forwarded to a private email address.

HB1169 Education, Curriculum - As enacted, enacts the "Senator Douglas Henry Tennessee History Act".

HB1173 Fines and Penalties - As enacted, revises provisions governing payment plans and stays from license revocation for assessed litigation taxes, court costs, and fines.

HB1199 Election Laws - As enacted, enacts the "Tennessee Freedom of Speech Act."

HB1289 Alcoholic Beverages - As introduced, authorizes The Avenue Diner and Scoreboard Restaurant in Nashville to sell alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption; prohibits such establishment from selling or giving away alcoholic beverages or beer only between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m.; authorizes certain manufacturers to have a direct or indirect interest in an establishment that is licensed for on premises consumption of alcoholic beverages.

HB1382 Consumer Protection - As introduced, enacts the "Fair Repair Act."

HB1458Naming and Designating - As enacted, names the wrestling room at the Tennessee School for the Blind in honor of Frank Alexander.

HB1461Firearms and Ammunition - As introduced, creates the Class E felony offense of purchasing, selling, possessing, or using a part, component, device, or attachment designed to accelerate the fire of a semi-automatic rifle and makes any semi-automatic rifle that includes an accelerated fire part, component, or device a prohibited weapon.

HB1479Criminal Procedure - As enacted, authorizes general sessions and criminal court judges statewide to suspend court costs and litigation tax for indigent defendants; authorizes court clerk to implement community service program in lieu of full payment of court costs and litigation taxes for indigent defendants, if county legislative body approves such a program.

HB1491Firefighters - As introduced, creates a rebuttable presumption that a firefighter's cancer that causes a disabling health condition is a result of the firefighter's duties as a firefighter.

HB1496Taxes, Ad Valorem - As enacted, provides continued eligibility for an elderly low-income, disabled, and disabled veteran's property tax relief during temporary periods of relocation for health care to home of a friend or relative or to a hospital or skilled intermediate care facility if the homeowner intends to return to the residence once recovered.

HB1498Senior Citizens - As enacted, exempts certain religious organizations and religious institutions that provide limited respite care services programs from licensure for providing adult day care.

HB1510Public Employees - As introduced, enacts the "Tennessee Public Safety Behavioral Health Act.

HB1675Domestic Violence - As enacted, redefines when a judge must notify a defendant who has been convicted of domestic assault of certain consequences of conviction from the federal law domestic abuse definition to both the federal and Tennessee law definitions.

HB1704Hotels and Restaurants - As introduced, prohibits a hotel owner or employee from advertising for rent or renting a hotel room for a period of less than seven consecutive hours in a period of 24 hours; authorizes the commissioner of health to assess increasing fines for such rentals and to suspend the owner's permit for a third or subsequent offense.

HB1721Driver Licenses - As enacted, permits a stay of driver license revocation for nonpayment of fines and costs for more than the current 180 days if the applicant for the stay is a participant in a recovery court.

HB1765Local Education Agencies - As introduced, consolidates provisions governing earthquake and fire drills.

HB1785Marriage - As introduced, requires each applicant be at least 18 years of age before a county clerk can issue a marriage license.

HB1822Human Services, Dept. of - As enacted, revises various provisions relative to public assistance.

HB1856Adoption - As enacted, revises various provisions governing adoption.

HB1967Consumer Protection - As introduced, makes various changes to state law related to gift certificates, such as requiring certain gift certificates to have longer expiration dates; prohibiting dormancy or inactivity fees; and authorizing activation or issuance fees up to certain limits.

HB2006Veterans - As enacted, makes the veteran hiring preference mandatory.

HB2034Taxes, Personal Property - As enacted, exempts tangible personal property owned and used by nonprofit organizations to provide character development and other educational programs to youth about the Medal of Honor recipients; sets forth exemption criteria.

HB2112Taxes - As enacted, establishes a method of apportionment that may be elected by financial asset management companies for franchise and excise tax purposes.

HB2118Human Services, Dept. of - As introduced, establishes the state palliative care and quality of life council to advise the executive director of the Tennessee commission on aging and disability on issues related to palliative care.

HB2130Criminal Offenses - As enacted, enacts the "Tennessee Stolen Valor Act".

HB2279Telecommunications - As enacted, enacts the "Competitive Wireless Broadband Investment, Deployment, and Safety Act of 2018" and requires TACIR to study certain items relating to deployment.

HB2330Students - As enacted, prohibits the use of corporal punishment against a student with a disability who has an IEP or a Section 504 plan, with certain exceptions.

HB2331Local Education Agencies - As enacted, requires LEAs to report certain information to the department of education regarding use of corporal punishment.

HB2561Housing - As enacted, limits authorization for counties to appropriate funds for affordable housing or workforce housing to Davidson County.

HB2606Child Abuse - As introduced, requires the department of children's services to develop instructional guidelines for child safety training programs for members of professions that frequently deal with children who may be at risk of abuse; requires certain licensing boards to create child safety training programs; requires certain professionals to complete the appropriate child safety training program prior to license renewal.

HB2643General Assembly - As introduced, extends from 60 to 90 days the period by which two legislative employees in violation of the general assembly's nepotism policy as the result of marriage may resolve the violation by agreement before further action is taken.

HB2722Hornsby - Subject to local approval, reduces board of mayor and aldermen from seven to five members; deletes all references to town marshal; reduces the number of readings to approve an ordinance from three to two; abolishes the position of treasurer and transfers responsibilities to the recorder; expands authority of the board of mayor and aldermen.

Resolutions Sponsored in the 110th General Assembly:

HJR0089Memorials, Personal Achievement - Sean Henry, 2016 The Tennessean Sports Person of the Year

HJR0142Memorials, Professional Achievement - Jeannie Seely, 50-year member of the Grand Ole Opry

HJR0342Memorials, Recognition - Anna Lee Brown Alexander

HJR0343Memorials, Recognition - Nashville State Community College - Madison/Rivergate campus

HJR0593Memorials, Sports - Nashville Predators, NHL Western Conference champions

HJR0594Memorials, Recognition - Musicians On Call

HJR0838Memorials, Sports - David Poile

HJR1120Memorials, Recognition - Old Hickory, 100th anniversary

HJR1121Memorials, Recognition - Old Hickory Public Library, 80th Anniversary

HJR1122Memorials, Professional Achievement - Robert Beck, Sr.

HJR1179Memorials, Personal Occasion - Inda Adams, 90th birthday

HJR1217Memorials, Sports - Stratford High School boys' basketball team, TSSAA Class AA State Semi-Finalist

HR0079Memorials, Recognition - Observance Lodge #686, 100th Anniversary

HR0171Memorials, Recognition - Tim Shaw

Legislation Co-sponsored in the 110th General Assembly:

HJR0021 Memorials, Sports - Whitehaven High School, TSSAA Class 6A State Football Champions

HJR0022 Memorials, Death - Michael E. Anderson

HJR0023 Memorials, Recognition - Expresses appreciation and thanks to entities and persons providing assistance during the Smoky Mountain wildfires.

HJR0025 Memorials, Personal Occasion - Rep. Johnny Shaw, birthday

HJR0033 Memorials, Death - Jane G. Eskind

HJR0034 Memorials, Personal Achievement - Tammy Letzler and Kim Cox

HJR0035 Memorials, Recognition - American Heart Association/National Wear Red Day, February 3, 2017

HJR0049 Memorials, Recognition - Montgomery Bell Academy, 150th anniversary

HJR0050 Memorials, Death - Mary Frances Hodges Lyle

HJR0051 Memorials, Death - Betty Nixon

HJR0062 Memorials, Death - Avon Rollins, Sr.

HJR0064 Memorials, Death - Chattanooga school bus victims

HJR0067 Memorials, Death - Brock Wyatt Blick

HJR0075 Memorials, Retirement - David Gregory

HJR0091 Memorials, Heroism - Officer Joseph Miranne, Officer Jason Berrios, and Officer Anthony Oliveto of The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

HJR0098 Memorials, Recognition - V. Lynn Evans

HJR0108 Memorials, Recognition - World Sickle Cell Day

HJR0116 Memorials, Sports - Wayne County High School football team

HJR0117 Memorials, Sports - Preston Rice, Wayne County High School, 2016 Mr. Football, Division I Class 1A Back

HJR0118 Memorials, Sports - Hardin County High School Lady Tigers bowling team, 2017 state champions

HJR0119 Memorials, Sports - Hardin County High School boys' bowling team, 2017 TSSAA State Champions

HJR0120 Memorials, Public Service - Bonnie Merriman

HJR0121 Memorials, Public Service - Sue Creasy

HJR0140 Memorials, Professional Achievement - Bev Johnson, 30th anniversary with 1070 WDIA-AM

HJR0141 Memorials, Recognition - Deanie Parker

HJR0145 Memorials, Public Service - Stancil Ford

HJR0176 Memorials, Retirement - Tim Tohill

HJR0177 Memorials, Recognition - Shelby County Public Defender, centennial

HJR0183 Memorials, Personal Occasion - Ruby Lopp, 102nd birthday

HJR0184 Memorials, Recognition - Morgan Mathis, 2016 ANTSO National Miss

HJR0185 Memorials, Recognition - Darryl Worley

HJR0197 Memorials, Death - Dr. Gene Caldwell

HJR0204 Memorials, Professional Achievement - Dr. Altha Stewart, President-elect of American Psychiatric Association

HJR0205 Memorials, Death - Dr. Luther M. Kindall

HJR0252 Memorials, Sports - Summertown High School girls' basketball team

HJR0260 Memorials, Death - Barbara Rodgers Alston

HJR0262 Memorials, Recognition - The Lee Sisters of Memphis

HJR0263 Memorials, Death - Margaret Ann Robinson

HJR0297 Memorials, Retirement - Tommy Lynch

HJR0459 General Assembly, Statement of Intent or Position - Calls for a halt to state facilities outsourcing.

HJR0561 Memorials, Professional Achievement - Jack Lowery, President of Tennessee Road Builders Association

HJR0577 Memorials, Academic Achievement - Roland Donnelly-Bullington, Salutatorian, Central High School

HJR0578 Memorials, Academic Achievement - Elizabeth A. Mulhearn, Valedictorian, Central High School

HR0010 Memorials, Recognition - Reverend Bill Barnes

HR0024 Memorials, Recognition - Alzheimer's and other dementia awareness

HR0089 Memorials, Sports - Maplewood High School boys' basketball team, TSSAA Division I Class AA State Champions

HR0095 Memorials, Recognition - Clayborn Temple

HR0110 Memorials, Recognition - Representative Gary Moore

HR0185Memorials, Recognition - American Heart Association/National Wear Red Day, February 2, 2018

HR0187Memorials, Recognition - Metro Nashville Arts Commission, 40th anniversary

HR0213Memorials, Recognition - Sidney Raphael Branch, Governor's Volunteer Stars Award

HR0241Memorials, Death - Catherine Coke

HR0248Memorials, Death - Dr. Stephanie Balmer

HR0250Memorials, Professional Achievement - Travis McKinney, Keller Williams Realty International Rookie of the Year

HR0257Memorials, Death - Dr. Eugene TeSelle

HR0263Memorials, Public Service - Roger Campbell

HR0267Memorials, Sports - Mt. Juliet League, Incorporated

HR0313Memorials, Recognition - Union University Debate Team

HR0317Memorials, Interns - Cody William Pyle

HR0348Memorials, Death - DeEbony Groves